Welcome to fluentlyYOURS!

lj-cv-photo-2015I’m Larry Stevens. I’m an Oxford-educated American with 20 plus years of experience as a public speaker and trainer. My students have included everyone from CEOs of international corporations and high-ranking government officials, to front line staff and unemployed individuals seeking to improve their career prospects by improving their English.

I’ll be the Austrian Representative and Head Trainer for fluency skills training, ltd when it is officially launched in February 2015. I’ll also be your official Fluency Guide here on “fluentlyYOURS.” Typically, the posts will contain advise and tips on how to improve your English language skills, reviews of books and products you might find of interest. We’re trying to keep company promotion to a minimum in this blog. So, most announcements of upcoming events, details of upcoming course and seminar offerings, and reports of news worthy happenings at fluency will be on our company blog, fluencySKILLS.

Unless otherwise indicated, all material in this blog is copyrighted and all rights reserved by myself as the content creator.

I’ll write more soon. Meanwhile, I remain . . .



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